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Girls' Night Cabin Fever
Toronto Fringe 2024

Fri. July 5th - 4:15pm
Sat. July 6th - 9:15pm
Mon. July 8th - 3:30pm
Wed. July 10th - 4:15pm
Thurs. July 11th - 7:45pm
Sat. July 13th - 12:00pm
Sun. July 14th - 6:00pm 
Girls' Night Cabin Fever - Red.jpeg

Things get spooky in this fast-paced horror farce following three women, who are stranded in a creepy cabin in the woods, trying to rekindle their childhood friendship.  Charlie (Lizzie Moffatt), Ember (Mackenzie Kelly) and Liz (Cassie Davidson) make a frenzied attempt to survive all the classic perils of a cabin in the woods, while grappling with the struggles of growing apart, and losing your way.  As the suspense grows, it begs the question, would you try to confront the threat? Or as Ember, asks “Do you wanna get turnt together one more time before we die, and finish off this margarita mix?


Ghouls and Girls Theatre 

A new, Toronto-based Theatre company created in 2024. Ghouls and Girls Theatre engages emerging and interdisciplinary artists to present new and original Canadian works.

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Meet the Team

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